Fire Ant Spatial Information and Decision Support (FASIDS) System


FASIDS provides a synthesis of information for use in suppression of the Red Imported Fire Ant (RIFA).


FASIDS provides an archive of statewide data on the distribution and abundance of the Red Imported Fire and related invasive species.


FASIDS provides a means of sharing information on the Red Imported Fire Ant among stakeholders.

Our Goal

The goal of FASIDS is to provide a synthesis of knowledge gained from research
on the Red Imported Fire Ant for the purposes of planning, problem-solving, and decision making

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Instructions for Red Imported Fire Ant Suppression on Public and Private Sites

Through the use of Google Maps, this module provides a means of measuring the proposed area of treatment, suggests suitable products for use suppresssion, and calculates the amount of product required for treatment.

  • ✔  Define the boundary of the treatment area on a map
  • ✔  Save the defined area to a profile
  • ✔  Receive suggested ant treatment products and calculated amount of product needed for applications
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Distribution of Ant Species in Texas

This module provides access by scientific name to spatially explicit distributions of ant species in Texas.

  • ✔  Quick lookup of ant distributions in Texas.
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fire ant distribution
fire ant distribution

Questions and Answers Exchange

This module facilitates interaction among stakeholders through posting questions and answers and rating responses.

  • ✔  Post questions and answers in Rich Text Format
  • ✔  Post Editable Functionality
  • ✔  Evaluate questions and answers
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